Grandpa's Old Tractor FAQs

Q - What type transmission grease do I put in my 8N, 9N, 2N tractor?
A - 90 weight transmission grease. It takes 5 gallons to change the transmission, lift system and rear end. There are 3 drain plugs, one located under each compartment. The grease flows freely from one compartment to the other. They all are checked by the one dip stick. The grease for all 3 compartments are filled by the plug on the transmission cover. DO NOT use universal hydraulic fluid of lighter weight because it may cause seal failure and may weaken the power of your hydraulic lift.

Q - How do I start my tractor?
A - You turn the key silly...

Q - I drove out my old connecting rod brass bushings and drove in my new ones. Now my piston pins won't fit in the end of the rods. Are they the wrong size? What do I need to do now?
A - The connecting rod top bushings, after being installed, need to be wet honed to a precision fit. ( Best done by a professional at a machine shop). Take your rods, new bushings and piston pins with you to the shop to ensure a proper fit.

Q - How do I identify my tractor?
A - Smith 8N has a wonderful page about that! Click Here

Q - How do I get good information on how to work on my tractor?
A - First... Get a good shop manual, we recommend the I&T shop manual part number FO-4.

Q - How do I keep track of all those parts?
A - One idea is to keep the loose parts in a freezer bag by assembly and to lable it.

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