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My first experience with tractors was a 1948 Farmall B. I was 9 years old and helping dad driving it for the first time. The left hand back wheel on those stuck way out there if you remember. I was driving down the fence row trying to watch everything and as it would happen that wide back axle caught on a fence post and slung the front of the tractor straight into the neighbors fence and went through it before I could push in on the clutch and hit the kill switch. Needless to say we spent the rest of the day fixing fence and fixing the tractor back up. Luckily I wasn't hurt at all but had the dickens scared out of me.

Not very long after my dad went to the local Ford dealer and bought a 1951 8N Ford and a 2 bottom Ford economy plow. He decided that would be a much better tractor for a kid to drive and soon I would be able to help a lot with the farm work, therefore I began a life time association with 8N Ford tractors. That was 1959, I was 9 years old. I helped dad keep the tractor in shape and by the time I was 12 we had to overhaul the engine. We went to Saint Joseph, Mo. to the tractor supply store and bought a new I & T shop manual for $2.00 and a complete overhaul kit for $29.95. My how things have changed. By the time I graduated high school we opened a shop in town and done some custom work on cars , trucks , and tractors. As time passed I soon realized that I liked tractors better and we concentrated more on them. I soon figured out that as farm tractors were getting a lot bigger and the little ones were less popular as farm tractors. But times were changing. The people that had left the farm in the 1950's were getting tired of the big city's and being cramped up so the new movement was to get 10 acres and a new house in the country close to the city. The 8N Ford worked excellent on a small acreage situation. Not being real expensive, simple to operate, and like many said, " they drive just like a car".

They soon were the hot item at sales and consignment auctions because they painted up nice and fixed cheaper and every suburban farmer wanted one. So over the 70's and the 80's I probably owned well over 1000 of the little tractors. I have worked on and rebuilt virtually every piece of them and probably could do one in my sleep.

I don't claim no fame and don't call myself an expert in any way, but I have probably had more experience with them than any body you will ever meet, as I am getting old and the arthritis sets in on my hands and knees. I now have found that there is a new fangled gadget called a computer . This new gadget will let me help a lot of people fix their tractor and learn more about it and hopefully buy some of our parts. You are welcome on this site any time and if you call or e-mail, we will gladly help all we can. One thing I can tell you for sure . . . . . We sell only what we are willing to use on our own tractors. We try to sell only the best parts out there for the best possible price.

Hope to see you all later
Richard D. " Rick " Erickson

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