Grandpa's Old Tractor
"Tractor projects by youths"

I was recently e-mailed the following pictures from one of my customers. His name is Scott Groshong from Silex, Mo.
His son Austin Groshong overhauled this 8N tractor with one of our overhaul kits and restored it as a high school FFA project.
It took him all winter working on this tractor to get it finished and ready for the county fair.
Folks........ this is what it is all about, young people taking pride in history ......... learning how to do things for themselves ........
and looking back into the past of their forfathers. This young man has accomplished what every young person should experience ......
"You can make the best of anything if you set your goals high and work hard." I am proud to show all what our youth can accomplish.
                                  " WAY TO GO AUSTIN AND GREAT JOB"
                                                                    Rick Erickson.........